12 Beautiful Floral Arrangement Tips

Arranging flowers may seem like a daunting task that you are incapable of doing. However, the task can be extremely easy as well as enjoyable and this article is here to guide and help you prepare beautiful, professional looking floral arrangements.

So, without further ado, here are 12 tips and tricks to assist you in mastering the glorious art of floral arrangement.

Floral Arrangement Tips

1) Water, water, water

You don’t want your flowers looking dehydrated do you? So, as soon as you get the flowers, place them in water. Tepid water works best in preserving them and keeping them fresh.

2) Trim the stems

Trim the stems before arranging the flowers as this will allow them to absorb more water keeping them fresh for longer.

3) Don’t fear the flowers

You may be hesitant to touch the flowers because you think they are fragile. Surprisingly, most flowers’ petals are actually quite durable so be calm and enjoy arranging your flowers.

4) Find a suitable base

You can use foam to keep flowers in place. Make sure you soak the foam in water for at least a minute or so. Not only will the foam keep the flowers in place, but it will keep them hydrated.

Alternatively, you could build a base out of chicken wire as it is easily bendable and will keep the flowers stabilized in the water.

5) Find an ideal vase

Opaque vases instead of glass ones are able to hide messy stems as well perfectly complement the flowers they are holding. Also, whatever base you are using can be well concealed. Slender-necked vessels also hold flowers better and artfully without you doing too much work.

6) Look to nature for inspiration

Imitate the randomness of the nature around you. Use odd numbers, different colors, heights and varied depth when arranging flowers.

7) Arrange leaves first

Using leaves to begin your floral arrangement allows you to create the initial shape of your arrangement and gives you a guide on how to continue onwards.

8) Use an assortment of flowers

Flowers in different shapes, colors and sizes make your arrangement more interesting so don’t be afraid to experiment by playing with different kinds of flowers.

9) Use a criss-cross technique to arrange your stems

If you are not using a base, bunch your flowers together and criss cross the stems in the vase to keep the flowers in place to give them a more professional look.

10) Think about the arrangement scale

Ensure that your flower arrangement corresponds to its container and where it will be set. If you are placing it on a dinner table, make sure that the arrangement is an appropriate size so that everyone at the table will be able to see each other.

11) Create arrangements while seated

This is ideal for viewing your work head-on and at eye level so that you can watch your floral arrangement come together at different angles.

12) Find ideal placement

It is advisable to keep flower arrangements away from direct sunlight or from heating vents to prevent the flowers from wilting.

And there you have it! With these tips, you should be able to create outstandingly beautiful floral arrangements. So don’t be afraid and give it a go. Good luck!